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Fang Lin
Financial Analyst
MBA, University of Missouri
B.S., Finance, Economics, University of Missouri (dual degree)

Why Chassix?
"There are abundant opportunities for anyone who joins our team."

"We are all working toward a common goal."

Not everyone can say that they find their job fulfilling and meaningful; I can. When I come to work, I want to work. One of the reasons is the sense of ownership of the company among the people of Chassix; everyone's voice counts. We are all working toward a common goal, playing a part in aligning our organization's culture with our new business strategy.

Our corporate environment is highly inclusive, allowing me to be involved with the decisions that directly impact my work. Because the emphasis on engaging employees is prioritized at every level of the company, I am encouraged to share my experiences and insights, but I also benefit from opportunities to learn from leaders in our industry.

I am also privileged to have an excellent manager who pushes me to stretch and grow. She does this by asking me logical and analytical questions, challenging me to answer why and how I arrive at my conclusions. This forces me to learn and make better decisions. My manager helps me achieve my goals by establishing clear performance objectives and providing useful, consistent feedback. A "good job" from her really means something, and I find myself constantly striving to do better.

The experience of dealing with the integration of DMI and SMW has proven invaluable. I have learned how to bring about change and move quickly to meet the demands of a growing organization. There is never a dull moment and always something new to do here. As we continue to expand into global automotive markets, the Chassix brand is gaining more and more recognition. This means there are abundant opportunities for anyone who joins our team.

Overall, this is a great experience. Individuals are coached to think beyond their normal boundaries and empowered to help guide the company through a significant transformation. These are skills that will always be in demand. If you like to be challenged and develop professionally, this is definitely the place to be.