> Quality and Sustainability

Producing high-quality products is of the utmost importance at Chassix and our ability to do so is a primary factor in maintaining our leading market position. Our goal is, and always has been, zero-defect production. We invest a large amount of time and resources in insuring that our team is able to identify non-conformances and prevent them from occurring.

h We are in compliance with all quality, sustainability, governmental and customer standards including:

  • >TS-16949 -2009 (We are currently in the process of upgrading to IATF-16949-2016)
  • >ISO-14001 – 2004 (We are currently in the process of upgrading to ISO-14001-2015)
  • >All Customer specific programs

Quality Policy

It is Chassix policy to hold a competitive edge through continuous improvement in quality. This is achieved by continually improving the effectiveness of a quality system certified through the TS 16949 QMS and fully supported by our organization’s leadership. Our employees, at all levels of our organization, are empowered to make intervention and participation in quality correction, improvement, and prevention, a priority of our business core culture.

We aim to exceed customers’ expectations by setting the customers’ requirements as a minimum goal.

Chassix received the following recognition and awards:

  • >General Motors - “Supplier Quality Excellence Awards” – Sao Paulo, Brazil, plant
  • >General Motors - “Platinum Certificate of Excellence” – Port Huron, Mich, 3150 plant
  • >General Motors - “Gold Certificate of Excellence” – Warren, Mich, Blackstone plant
  • >Nissan – “Outstanding Quality Performance” – Port Huron, Mich, 3150 plant
  • >Nissan – “Continuous Improvement Award” – Shelbyville, TN, plant
  • >Nissan - “Regional Quality Award Finalist” – Bristol, IN, plant
  • >Volvo – “Quality Supplier Award” – Barcelona, Spain, plant

Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Policy

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Chassix is dedicated to environmental protection, employee health and safety, regulatory compliance and pollution prevention through a continuous improvement and team based approach. The foundation to achieving our commitment is based upon:

  • >Fulfilling all compliance obligations and integrating environmental, health and safety requirements into our business activities
  • >Continual improvement in the manufacture of globally competitive products utilizing sustainable and efficient production methods and practices
  • >Setting environmental, health and safety objectives for the prevention of pollution and elimination of health and safety hazards in our workplace
  • >Demonstrating environmental stewardship and sustainability within the communities in which we operate